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Calling a  counselor is the hardest phone call most couples ever make.*

   "I don't want to be judged or criticized."

          "What good is talking to some stranger?"
          "My spouse thinks everything's okay, if only I would change."    

     "I'm afraid my partner won't participate."

           "Maybe counseling could make things worse!"

I have worked with couples where a spouse comes in with arms folded, giving me the evil eye, convinced that there is no hope. And that's where we start.

                    I don't criticize. I don't take sides. I don't judge.

I've studied with Dr. John Gottman who've you've seen on Oprah.  I work with research tested methods & a sense of humor. Half of what I know I learned from books, the rest from being married over 30 years & working with couples just like you. I have good strategies for getting the reluctant partner to  come in for at least one session.

Whether we meet or not, I still would like to help make your relationship better.  On the next page are a couple of tips that you can do yourself or with your partner.  They have worked successfully for some couples.  I have also recommend some books that you can easily get on Amazon or at your local bookstore.  If you are not a reader the books are available as audiobooks.

The average couple waits over 6 years from the time they think there is a problem until they call for help.  If it's been that long or longer for you guys, welcome to the club.  If you are calling early, good for you. 

A good marriage counselor is like a guide.  You tell them where you want to go and what you like to do and he presents you with options and shows you where to go. 

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