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Pre-marital Workshops--Plan for the relationship like you plan the wedding!

Most of us have had more drivers’ education than we have any serious training for relationships.  So here’s your chance to increase your chances of success.
For 5 weeks you will meet individually with a trained marital counselor. Over the course of that time you’ll learn some ways of increasing your intimacy and ways to avoid some of the pitfalls of maintaining a committed marriage. You’ll have an opportunity to bring up some of the issues that are concerning you in the privacy of a counseling session.


Couple’s Inventories
You will complete some questionnaires that will provide some insight into how your thinking and feeling styles are suited to each other.  And how you can use this information to communicate better.

Family History
You’ll take a look at your family history from a religious, cultural, geographic, and economic point of view.  You’ll get an opportunity to see how that family history has shaped some of your values and beliefs about marriage and family.  You’ll explore ways of melding your separate histories taking the best from each.

You’ll learn about “love languages”—the different ways we have of expressing love.  You’ll take a test that will help you identify your “love language” and get clues as to how to best express your concern and affection for your partner.

Marriage Killers
In over 25 years of research, Dr. John Gottman has identified 4 behaviors that predict divorce with an 85% accuracy.  Learn to identify these behaviors and effective ways of eliminating them from your relationship.

Money, Sex & Kids
You’ll learn ways  to talk safely about the really difficult subjects like money, sex, and children.  You’ll learn to understand your own and your partners way of approaching anxiety provoking issues and learn ways to maintain intimacy.

Each individual session is tailored to your particular situation.  If it's a second marriage there may be different issues than if you are college sweethearts.   Group sessions are also available.  Call for more information.

Brian Williams